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Karnataka Government’s ‘International Day of Democracy’ Celebration

Discover how Karnataka’s government celebrated democracy with a massive event, inspiring citizens, and upholding constitutional ideals.



Karnataka Government's 'International Day of Democracy' Celebration

The Karnataka government recently organized a grand event to commemorate the ‘International Day of Democracy.’ This celebration took a unique and patriotic twist by involving thousands of participants from across the country and abroad. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this remarkable event, its significance, and its impact on democracy.

A Grand Celebration

On that memorable day, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar and distinguished guests, led the celebrations. They gathered on the grand steps of ‘Vidhan Soudha’ in Bengaluru, the state’s capital. What made this event truly remarkable was the massive turnout, which included a multitude of school students and citizens from various walks of life.

A Daily Preamble Ritual

In a significant move earlier in June, the Karnataka government made it mandatory for all students, whether in government, aided, or private schools and colleges, to read the preamble of the Constitution daily. This initiative aims to instill a sense of constitutional values and democratic principles from a young age.

Preamble Portraits Across the State

The government didn’t stop there; they also made it compulsory for all government and semi-government offices in the state to display a portrait of the Constitution’s preamble. This move emphasizes the commitment to upholding the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution.

Fulfilling Promises

Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah proudly stated that his government had fulfilled four out of five ‘guarantees,’ which were pre-poll promises of the Congress. He emphasized the importance of protecting the Constitution, stating, “Protection of the Constitution is the duty of every citizen.”

Building an Equal Society

Siddaramaiah reiterated the core principles of the Constitution, focusing on the goal of creating an equal society. He highlighted his government’s efforts to implement schemes that promote prosperity and improve the lives of all citizens. “Our government has implemented programs for the prosperity of all, in line with the aspirations of an equal society and the secular principles of the Constitution,” he said.

Vigilance Against Anti-Constitutional Forces

The Chief Minister also expressed concern about anti-Constitutional forces that aim to undermine the Constitution and reintroduce Manusmriti. He urged the state’s citizens to remain vigilant and aware of these threats. “Destroying the Constitution and enforcing Manusmriti means 90% of Indians will be forced back into slavery,” he warned.

The Birth of Democracy

Siddaramaiah emphasized that the democratic system in India officially took root with the adoption of the Constitution. He drew parallels with historical figures like Buddha and Basavanna, highlighting that the democratic spirit has deep roots in Indian culture.

A Nationwide Movement

Social Welfare Minister H C Mahadevappa shared staggering statistics about the event’s reach. Nearly 2.28 crore people from various backgrounds, both within the country and abroad, registered to read the Constitution’s preamble. What was expected to be a relatively small initiative turned into a massive movement.

Educating the Youth

The primary goal of this initiative is to make people, especially the youth, understand the fundamentals of democracy and the Constitution. It aims to promote the core values of the preamble: dignity, freedom, and equality.

Participation Certificates

To encourage active participation, the Social Welfare department offered participation certificates to those who registered and read the preamble on September 15. This initiative was designed to make the event inclusive and engaging for people of all ages.

A Wider Mandate

Minister Mahadevappa also stressed the importance of making it mandatory to read the preamble at all formal functions of the state government. This move reinforces the government’s commitment to constitutional values.

Traffic Management

In anticipation of the mega event, Bengaluru Traffic Police issued an advisory to divert vehicles, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in the city.

In conclusion, the Karnataka government’s ‘International Day of Democracy’ celebration was a resounding success, emphasizing the importance of the Constitution, democracy, and the principles that guide our nation. It served as a powerful reminder that democracy thrives when its citizens actively participate and uphold its values.


YSRTP-Congress Merger Decision by End of September: Sharmila

YS Sharmila, YSR Telangana Party founder, met party members to plan for upcoming state Assembly polls and will tour all segments from October.



YSRTP-Congress Merger Decision by End of September: Sharmila
Photo: Y.S. Sharmila

Hyderabad: YSR Telangana Party Founder, Y.S. Sharmila, has announced that a decision regarding potential collaboration with the Congress will be reached by the conclusion of this month. Sharmila, who is the sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, conducted a meeting with senior party officials and members to deliberate on various aspects related to the forthcoming Telangana State Assembly elections, as stated in a press release.

During the meeting, the YSR Telangana Party leader emphasized that the determination regarding cooperation with the Congress would be finalized by the end of September, given the rapidly approaching notification deadline for the assembly polls. In the event that no alliance is forged, the party will proceed to contest in all 119 constituencies, according to the release.

Additionally, Sharmila disclosed plans to embark on a tour of all assembly segments commencing in the second week of October. In today’s meeting, she assured party workers that their contributions would be duly acknowledged, and their interests would be safeguarded, as outlined in the release.

There had been speculation that Sharmila would formally engage with AICC leaders during the recent Congress Working Committee meeting held a few days ago. She had previously indicated that her discussions with the Congress party concerning potential collaboration or merger had entered their final stages. Furthermore, Sharmila had met with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the national capital as part of these discussions.

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Pragya Thakur Presents Herself in Court for 2008 Malegaon Blast Case

BJP MP Pragya Thakur appears in court for 2008 Malegaon blast case, citing health reasons for her late arrival.



Pragya Thakur Presents Herself in Court for 2008 Malegaon Blast Case
File photo: BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur. | IANS

Mumbai: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pragya Singh Thakur, one of the accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, made her appearance in a special NIA court in Mumbai on Monday. Thakur arrived at the court around 2 pm, a couple of hours after the other accused in the case had already presented themselves.

During her court appearance, Thakur cited health issues as the reason for her delayed arrival, explaining that it hindered her ability to wake up early in the morning. As a result of this, the court decided to adjourn the proceedings to October 3, when they would record the statements of all the accused involved.

On September 14, the prosecution had informed the court that the process of collecting evidence for the case had been completed, and there was no need for further examination of prosecution witnesses. Following this, the court typically proceeds to record the statements of the accused under section 313 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). In this stage, the court poses general questions to the accused, allowing them to personally address any circumstances that may have arisen from the evidence presented against them.

On this particular day, only six of the accused appeared before the court: Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Col Prasad Purohit, Major (retired) Ramesh Upadhyay, Ajay Rahirkar, Sudhakar Chaturvedi, and Sameer Kulkarni. Sudhakar Dwivedi was notably absent, and his lawyer attributed his absence to religious rituals. However, the court rejected this explanation and issued a bailable warrant of Rs 5,000 against Dwivedi.

The Malegaon blast case dates back to September 29, 2008, when an explosive device attached to a motorcycle detonated near a mosque in Malegaon, a town approximately 200 km from Mumbai in northern Maharashtra. The incident resulted in six fatalities and over 100 individuals sustaining injuries. Initially, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) handled the investigation, but it was later transferred to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in 2011.

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Bridge Collapse in Surendranagar Gujarat; four injured

Bridge collapse: 40-ton dumper crosses banned bridge on Panchayat road near Wadhwan city, raising safety concerns. Learn more.



Bridge Collapse in Surendranagar Gujarat; four injured
S Grab:-Twitter/@Kshatriyadilip

In a concerning incident in Gujarat’s Surendranagar district, an old bridge over the Bhogavo river collapsed, resulting in injuries to four individuals. The incident transpired on a Sunday evening when a 40-ton dumper attempted to cross the bridge, despite heavy vehicle restrictions on the panchayat road near Wadhwan city. This article delves into the details of this bridge collapse and the circumstances leading up to it.

The Bridge Collapse

The collapse of the bridge occurred suddenly, sending shockwaves through the local community. A dumper, along with two motorcycles, was traversing the bridge when the first slab gave way, causing minor injuries to the four people on it. The heavy vehicle and motorcycles plunged into the Bhogavo river, leading to a chaotic and dangerous situation.

Age and Responsibility

This bridge, now making headlines for all the wrong reasons, had a significant history. It had been serving the community for almost four decades, with the responsibility for its maintenance lying with the state Road and Buildings Department. Despite its age, the bridge was considered safe, but recent events have brought its structural integrity into question.

Warning Signs Ignored

It’s worth noting that authorities had taken precautions to prevent such incidents. A warning board was prominently displayed, and barricades were erected to deter heavy vehicles from using the bridge. These measures were taken to ensure the safety of all road users. However, despite these clear warnings and restrictions, a 40-ton dumper ventured onto the bridge, ultimately leading to the collapse of its first slab.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the bridge collapse has raised important questions about infrastructure maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines. Local authorities are currently assessing the situation, and investigations are underway to determine the exact cause of the collapse. Meanwhile, the injured individuals are receiving medical attention, and efforts are being made to retrieve the vehicles from the Bhogavo river.


In conclusion, the collapse of the bridge in Surendranagar is a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to safety regulations and guidelines. It is imperative that both authorities and citizens exercise caution when using aging infrastructure. This incident highlights the need for proactive maintenance and strict enforcement of vehicle restrictions on such bridges to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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