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Karnataka Government’s ‘International Day of Democracy’ Celebration

Discover how Karnataka’s government celebrated democracy with a massive event, inspiring citizens, and upholding constitutional ideals.



Karnataka Government's 'International Day of Democracy' Celebration

The Karnataka government recently organized a grand event to commemorate the ‘International Day of Democracy.’ This celebration took a unique and patriotic twist by involving thousands of participants from across the country and abroad. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this remarkable event, its significance, and its impact on democracy.

A Grand Celebration

On that memorable day, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar and distinguished guests, led the celebrations. They gathered on the grand steps of ‘Vidhan Soudha’ in Bengaluru, the state’s capital. What made this event truly remarkable was the massive turnout, which included a multitude of school students and citizens from various walks of life.

A Daily Preamble Ritual

In a significant move earlier in June, the Karnataka government made it mandatory for all students, whether in government, aided, or private schools and colleges, to read the preamble of the Constitution daily. This initiative aims to instill a sense of constitutional values and democratic principles from a young age.

Preamble Portraits Across the State

The government didn’t stop there; they also made it compulsory for all government and semi-government offices in the state to display a portrait of the Constitution’s preamble. This move emphasizes the commitment to upholding the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution.

Fulfilling Promises

Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah proudly stated that his government had fulfilled four out of five ‘guarantees,’ which were pre-poll promises of the Congress. He emphasized the importance of protecting the Constitution, stating, “Protection of the Constitution is the duty of every citizen.”

Building an Equal Society

Siddaramaiah reiterated the core principles of the Constitution, focusing on the goal of creating an equal society. He highlighted his government’s efforts to implement schemes that promote prosperity and improve the lives of all citizens. “Our government has implemented programs for the prosperity of all, in line with the aspirations of an equal society and the secular principles of the Constitution,” he said.

Vigilance Against Anti-Constitutional Forces

The Chief Minister also expressed concern about anti-Constitutional forces that aim to undermine the Constitution and reintroduce Manusmriti. He urged the state’s citizens to remain vigilant and aware of these threats. “Destroying the Constitution and enforcing Manusmriti means 90% of Indians will be forced back into slavery,” he warned.

The Birth of Democracy

Siddaramaiah emphasized that the democratic system in India officially took root with the adoption of the Constitution. He drew parallels with historical figures like Buddha and Basavanna, highlighting that the democratic spirit has deep roots in Indian culture.

A Nationwide Movement

Social Welfare Minister H C Mahadevappa shared staggering statistics about the event’s reach. Nearly 2.28 crore people from various backgrounds, both within the country and abroad, registered to read the Constitution’s preamble. What was expected to be a relatively small initiative turned into a massive movement.

Educating the Youth

The primary goal of this initiative is to make people, especially the youth, understand the fundamentals of democracy and the Constitution. It aims to promote the core values of the preamble: dignity, freedom, and equality.

Participation Certificates

To encourage active participation, the Social Welfare department offered participation certificates to those who registered and read the preamble on September 15. This initiative was designed to make the event inclusive and engaging for people of all ages.

A Wider Mandate

Minister Mahadevappa also stressed the importance of making it mandatory to read the preamble at all formal functions of the state government. This move reinforces the government’s commitment to constitutional values.

Traffic Management

In anticipation of the mega event, Bengaluru Traffic Police issued an advisory to divert vehicles, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in the city.

In conclusion, the Karnataka government’s ‘International Day of Democracy’ celebration was a resounding success, emphasizing the importance of the Constitution, democracy, and the principles that guide our nation. It served as a powerful reminder that democracy thrives when its citizens actively participate and uphold its values.


Bengaluru Firm: Rs 1,500 ‘Forest Bathing’ at Cubbon Park – Viral Post

Debate erupts as Trove Experiences offers Rs 1,500 forest bathing in Cubbon Park. Is commercializing Shinrin Yoku ethical? Explore the controversy.



Bengaluru Firm: Rs 1,500 'Forest Bathing' at Cubbon Park - Viral Post

In Bengaluru, Trove Experiences’ decision to monetize Shinrin Yoku, a revered Japanese practice, has stirred controversy. The offering of guided forest bathing experiences for Rs 1,500 has triggered outcry and ridicule, igniting a fierce debate over the commercialization of a sacred ritual.

Research highlights the benefits of communing with nature, emphasizing its capacity to alleviate anxiety, depression, and uplift mood and self-esteem. Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese art of forest bathing, has long served as an escape from urban chaos, offering a slow, deliberate stroll through wooded areas to soothe modern malaise and restore well-being.

However, criticism has mounted with the introduction of paid guided forest bathing experiences, a novelty in Bengaluru. Trove Experiences’ initiative has sparked a firestorm of debate with its Rs 1,500 forest bathing excursions, conducted not in a forest but at Cubbon Park, where strolling has always been free.

On Trove Experiences’ website, the description of their offering underscores the need for city dwellers to reconnect with nature amidst the stress of urban life. The immersive forest walk promises to leave participants feeling centered and revitalized.

Yet, screenshots of Trove Experiences’ pricing have circulated widely, provoking outrage and mockery. Social media users have derided the notion of paying for a forest bathing experience in a park where grass-touching remains free. The viral post on X has garnered significant attention, with thousands of likes and comments reflecting widespread skepticism and humor.

The controversy surrounding Trove Experiences’ commercialization of Shinrin Yoku underscores broader questions about the ethical boundaries of monetizing sacred practices and the commodification of nature’s healing benefits. As debates continue, the clash between commercial interests and cultural reverence remains unresolved, leaving many to ponder the true essence of Shinrin Yoku amidst the uproar.

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Tejasvi Surya Faces Backlash at Bengaluru Campaign Event

Tejasvi Surya faces criticism at Bengaluru campaign event as investors demand answers on Guru Raghavendra Co-operative Bank scam.



Tejasvi Surya Faces Backlash at Bengaluru Campaign Event
(Image: timesnownews)

Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya encountered a turbulent situation during a recent election campaign event in the city. The event, held at the Laxmanrao Imandar auditorium, took an unexpected turn when investors who had suffered losses in the multi-crore scam involving the Guru Raghavendra Sahakara Bank Niyamitha demanded accountability from the parliamentarian.

The investors, visibly frustrated by the delay in compensation for their losses, sought answers from Surya and other leaders present, including Basavanagudi BJP legislator L A Ravi Subramanya. Despite attempts by the leaders to assuage their concerns, the investors remained dissatisfied with the responses provided.

Footage from the event circulated on social media platforms, capturing the moment when Surya was escorted out of the venue by his security personnel. During his exit, he engaged in heated exchanges with some of the investors who approached him with their grievances.

The incident drew attention from various political quarters, with Karnataka Congress seizing the opportunity to criticize Surya’s handling of the situation. The party took to Twitter to highlight the MP’s departure from the event, characterizing it as an escape through an “emergency exit door.”

In response, Surya’s office released a statement accusing Congress workers of disrupting the meeting and attempting to derail the BJP’s campaign efforts. The statement condemned the alleged tactics employed by Congress workers, including pushing and shoving attendees, and emphasized the BJP’s commitment to a positive and development-oriented campaign.

The controversy surrounding the campaign event underscores the ongoing fallout from the Guru Raghavendra Co-operative Bank scam, which came to light in 2020. Despite efforts by regulatory authorities and the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation to mitigate the impact on depositors, many individuals remain uncompensated for their losses.

The Enforcement Directorate’s investigation into the scam revealed instances of fund misappropriation and financial irregularities, leading to the attachment of the bank’s properties worth Rs 159 crore. With over 15,000 depositors yet to receive full compensation, the Karnataka government’s decision to hand over the probe to the CBI reflects the seriousness of the situation.

As the election campaign in Bengaluru South unfolds, the incident involving Tejasvi Surya serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by politicians in addressing the grievances of affected constituents amidst ongoing controversies and political scrutiny.

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Fatal Bike Accident in Bengaluru: Man Dead, Two Injured in Pit Fall

Tragedy struck in Bengaluru as a bike accident claimed a life and left two critically injured after plunging into a water pipeline pit. Get the details here.



Fatal Bike Accident in Bengaluru: Man Dead, Two Injured in Pit Fall
(Representational Image)

A tragic incident unfolded in Bengaluru, leaving one man dead and two others critically injured after their bike veered off the road and fell into a pit dug up for a water pipeline. The mishap occurred on Sunday, shocking locals and prompting questions about safety measures in construction zones.

According to police reports, the bike’s rider failed to notice the deep pit and drove straight into it. Despite efforts by locals to rush the injured to the hospital, one of the bikers succumbed to his injuries on the spot, while the other two are battling for their lives in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses lamented the lack of barricades or warning signboards near the pit, blaming civic authorities for negligence. A complaint lodged by one of the survivors demands action against the water board contractor responsible for the site.

In response, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board refuted allegations of lax safety measures, asserting that barricades were indeed in place. However, they claimed that the riders were intoxicated, which led them to overlook the warning signs.

Ram Manohar, Chairman of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, emphasized that corrective measures would be taken pending the outcome of the police investigation. He cited reports suggesting that the bikers were performing a wheelie, a risky maneuver where the front wheel is lifted off the ground, contributing to the accident.

Regardless of the circumstances, the incident underscores the importance of safety protocols in construction areas and the need for both authorities and citizens to remain vigilant on the roads. As investigations continue, the hope is that lessons will be learned and actions taken to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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