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Rajnath Singh Celebrates Dussehra and Conducts ‘Shastra Puja’ with Troops in Arunachal Pradesh

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh celebrates Dussehra with Indian soldiers near the China border, praises their unwavering commitment and valor.



Rajnath Singh Celebrates Dussehra and Conducts 'Shastra Puja' with Troops in Arunachal Pradesh

In Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh marked the occasion of Dussehra by conducting a “Shastra Puja” and celebrating the festival with Indian Army soldiers stationed in this strategically significant region, which sits near the border with China.

During this visit, Defense Minister Singh, joined by Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande, carried out a comprehensive assessment of India’s military preparedness along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh. He praised the dedication and extraordinary valor of the troops for safeguarding the border, underscoring the unwavering commitment exhibited by these soldiers.

The region had historical significance, as it was the site of a conflict in 1962 when Chinese forces clashed with Indian troops, resulting in the capture of Tawang town on October 24th of that year.

In an interaction with the soldiers, after touring Bum-La and several other forward posts, Minister Singh stressed the importance of enhancing the nation’s security infrastructure in light of the current global context.

He emphasized the ongoing efforts to strengthen India’s military capabilities through the domestic production of defense equipment. “The country’s citizens are immensely proud of your relentless spirit, unwavering dedication, and unparalleled bravery in the face of challenging conditions while safeguarding our borders,” he told the troops.

Minister Singh extended his gratitude to the soldiers for their unwavering commitment and unyielding courage, ensuring the safety of the nation and its people.

Following the ‘Shastra Puja’ with the troops in Tawang, Minister Singh spoke about the significance of Dussehra, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. In his address, he commended the righteousness and moral values embodied by the brave armed forces personnel, which mirror the essence of the Vijayadashmi festival.

He emphasized that the valor and dedication of the armed forces were key contributors to India’s increasing global stature and recognition as one of the world’s most powerful nations.

Minister Singh credited India’s economic success as one reason for its growing global prominence. However, he highlighted that without effective protection of India’s borders by the armed forces, the country’s stature would not have risen.

He also emphasized the government’s efforts to bolster the nation’s military capabilities by promoting the domestic production of defense equipment. “Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has made substantial progress toward self-reliance in defense. We no longer rely solely on imports for military upgrades; we now manufacture numerous major weapons and platforms within the country,” Minister Singh explained.

He noted that foreign companies are being encouraged to share their technology and collaborate in the production of defense equipment in India. “In 2014, defense exports were valued at approximately Rs 1,000 crore, but today, we export defense equipment worth thousands of crores,” Minister Singh proudly stated.

This celebration of Dussehra with soldiers at the strategically vital location near the LAC coincided with the prolonged standoff between India and China in various friction points in eastern Ladakh, which has lasted for over three years.

Minister Singh’s “Shastra Puja” during Dussehra has been a recurring tradition, even during his tenure as the Union Home Minister in the previous NDA government.

The standoff between Indian and Chinese troops continues in certain friction points in eastern Ladakh, despite disengagement in some areas following extensive diplomatic and military negotiations. India maintains that normalizing its relationship with China depends on achieving peace in the border regions.

In response to the eastern Ladakh standoff, the Indian Army has substantially increased troop and weaponry deployment along the approximately 3,500 km-long LAC, including in the Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh sectors.

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Tejasvi Surya Faces Backlash at Bengaluru Campaign Event

Tejasvi Surya faces criticism at Bengaluru campaign event as investors demand answers on Guru Raghavendra Co-operative Bank scam.



Tejasvi Surya Faces Backlash at Bengaluru Campaign Event
(Image: timesnownews)

Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya encountered a turbulent situation during a recent election campaign event in the city. The event, held at the Laxmanrao Imandar auditorium, took an unexpected turn when investors who had suffered losses in the multi-crore scam involving the Guru Raghavendra Sahakara Bank Niyamitha demanded accountability from the parliamentarian.

The investors, visibly frustrated by the delay in compensation for their losses, sought answers from Surya and other leaders present, including Basavanagudi BJP legislator L A Ravi Subramanya. Despite attempts by the leaders to assuage their concerns, the investors remained dissatisfied with the responses provided.

Footage from the event circulated on social media platforms, capturing the moment when Surya was escorted out of the venue by his security personnel. During his exit, he engaged in heated exchanges with some of the investors who approached him with their grievances.

The incident drew attention from various political quarters, with Karnataka Congress seizing the opportunity to criticize Surya’s handling of the situation. The party took to Twitter to highlight the MP’s departure from the event, characterizing it as an escape through an “emergency exit door.”

In response, Surya’s office released a statement accusing Congress workers of disrupting the meeting and attempting to derail the BJP’s campaign efforts. The statement condemned the alleged tactics employed by Congress workers, including pushing and shoving attendees, and emphasized the BJP’s commitment to a positive and development-oriented campaign.

The controversy surrounding the campaign event underscores the ongoing fallout from the Guru Raghavendra Co-operative Bank scam, which came to light in 2020. Despite efforts by regulatory authorities and the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation to mitigate the impact on depositors, many individuals remain uncompensated for their losses.

The Enforcement Directorate’s investigation into the scam revealed instances of fund misappropriation and financial irregularities, leading to the attachment of the bank’s properties worth Rs 159 crore. With over 15,000 depositors yet to receive full compensation, the Karnataka government’s decision to hand over the probe to the CBI reflects the seriousness of the situation.

As the election campaign in Bengaluru South unfolds, the incident involving Tejasvi Surya serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by politicians in addressing the grievances of affected constituents amidst ongoing controversies and political scrutiny.

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Fatal Bike Accident in Bengaluru: Man Dead, Two Injured in Pit Fall

Tragedy struck in Bengaluru as a bike accident claimed a life and left two critically injured after plunging into a water pipeline pit. Get the details here.



Fatal Bike Accident in Bengaluru: Man Dead, Two Injured in Pit Fall
(Representational Image)

A tragic incident unfolded in Bengaluru, leaving one man dead and two others critically injured after their bike veered off the road and fell into a pit dug up for a water pipeline. The mishap occurred on Sunday, shocking locals and prompting questions about safety measures in construction zones.

According to police reports, the bike’s rider failed to notice the deep pit and drove straight into it. Despite efforts by locals to rush the injured to the hospital, one of the bikers succumbed to his injuries on the spot, while the other two are battling for their lives in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses lamented the lack of barricades or warning signboards near the pit, blaming civic authorities for negligence. A complaint lodged by one of the survivors demands action against the water board contractor responsible for the site.

In response, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board refuted allegations of lax safety measures, asserting that barricades were indeed in place. However, they claimed that the riders were intoxicated, which led them to overlook the warning signs.

Ram Manohar, Chairman of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, emphasized that corrective measures would be taken pending the outcome of the police investigation. He cited reports suggesting that the bikers were performing a wheelie, a risky maneuver where the front wheel is lifted off the ground, contributing to the accident.

Regardless of the circumstances, the incident underscores the importance of safety protocols in construction areas and the need for both authorities and citizens to remain vigilant on the roads. As investigations continue, the hope is that lessons will be learned and actions taken to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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Kannada Film Producer Soundarya Jagadish Dies in Alleged Suicide Attempt

Kannada film industry mourns as Soundarya Jagadish, a prominent producer and businessman, passes away after an alleged suicide attempt.



Kannada Film Producer Soundarya Jagadish Dies in Alleged Suicide Attempt

In a shocking turn of events, Kannada film producer and prominent businessman, Soundarya Jagadish, was reported to have died following an alleged suicide attempt at his residence in Mahalakshmi Layout. The incident, which occurred early this morning, has sent shockwaves throughout the Kannada film industry and among his acquaintances.

According to sources close to Jagadish, the producer was found attempting suicide at his residence. Immediate medical assistance was sought, and he was rushed to the hospital. However, despite efforts to save him, Jagadish was declared dead upon arrival.

Speaking to reporters, a friend of Jagadish, Shreyas, confirmed the tragic incident, stating, “Jagadish has died following a suicide attempt. We brought him to the hospital, where he was declared dead. Further procedures are underway to determine the cause of his actions.”

Addressing speculations regarding Jagadish’s financial troubles, Shreyas clarified that recent bank notices served to him were unrelated to the incident. He emphasized that the issue had been ongoing for some time and was separate from the tragic events of the day.

Contrary to initial reports suggesting a cardiac arrest, Shreyas revealed that Jagadish had attempted suicide by hanging. The police were promptly informed, and investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Soundarya Jagadish, known for his contributions to both the film industry and business sector, was also the proprietor of a popular pub in the city. However, recent controversies surrounding the establishment had led to temporary license cancellations due to late-night partying by certain film personalities and crew members.

Throughout his career, Jagadish had produced several successful films, including ‘Snehitaru’, ‘Appu Pappu’, ‘Mast Maja Maadi’, and ‘Ramleela’. His sudden demise has left the Kannada film fraternity and his fans in mourning.

As the investigation unfolds, the Kannada film industry remains in shock over the untimely loss of Soundarya Jagadish, a talented producer and entrepreneur whose contributions will be deeply missed. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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