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Telangana Sikh Community Celebrates 324th Khalsa Panth Foundation Day

The 324th Khalsa Panth foundation day (Vaisakhi) was celebrated with great zeal and fervor by the Sikh community in Telangana on Friday.



Telangana Sikh Community Celebrates 324th Khalsa Panth Foundation Day
(Photo: Deccanchronicle)

Hyderabad : The 324th Khalsa Panth foundation day (Vaisakhi) was celebrated with great zeal and fervor by the Sikh community in Telangana on Friday. The celebrations were held at the Gurudwara Saheb Ameerpet in Hyderabad, and the atmosphere was filled with devotion and enthusiasm.

The festivities began with the recitation of Gurbani Keertans by Ragi Jathas, who are preachers of the Sikh faith. These holy hymns were sung in praise of the Almighty, and their soulful rendition left the audience spellbound. The Nagar Keertan, which is a holy procession, was the highlight of the celebrations. It was a vibrant display of the Sikh culture and tradition, and it was truly a sight to behold.

During the Nagar Keertan, the Sikh youth displayed their skills in Gatka, a traditional form of martial arts that uses swords and other weapons. The display was breathtaking, and it left the audience in awe of the talent and skill of the Sikh youth.

One of the most important parts of the celebrations was the serving of Guru-ka-Langar, which is a free community food offered to everyone who attends the celebrations. This tradition is a symbol of the Sikh faith’s commitment to service and compassion.

The Vishaal Deewan, which is a mass congregation, was held at the Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Playgrounds, Ameerpet. This event was organized under the aegis of the Prabandhak Committee, Gurudwara Saheb Ameerpet, and it was attended by a large number of Sikh devotees. Renowned Ragi Jathas from various parts of the country were specially invited to recite Gurbani Keertans and inspire the audience with their message of love, compassion, and unity.

During the Vishaal Deewan, the preachers stressed the importance of following the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib ji, which stand for national integration, communal harmony, brotherhood, and peace for all humanity. They urged the devotees to imbibe these higher values of life in their day-to-day living and to spread the message of love and compassion wherever they go.

In the evening, the Nagar Keertan was taken out from Gurudwara Saheb Ameerpet and passed through the main corridors of Greenlands, Begumpet, Punjagutta, and returned to the Gurudwara. The procession was led by Guru Granth Sahebji, which was carried on a beautifully decorated vehicle along with “Nishaan saheban” from all Gurudwaras across the state. The Keerthani jathas continued to sing shabad keertans, and the atmosphere was electric with the energy and devotion of the devotees.

In conclusion, the 324th Khalsa Panth foundation day was a grand celebration of the Sikh faith’s values of love, compassion, and unity. The Nagar Keertan, Gatka display, and Vishaal Deewan were all powerful demonstrations of the Sikh culture and tradition, and they left a lasting impression on everyone who attended the celebrations.


Moinabad woman’s death case: Police accused of negligence

Tragic death of Tahseen, a woman found burnt near Dream Valley Resort. Habibnagar police is facing investigation on charges of alleged negligence.



Moinabad woman's death case: Police accused of negligence
(Representational Image)

Bakaram Village, Moinabad Mandal, Rangareddy District – A perplexing case has emerged surrounding the tragic death of a young woman, whose charred body was discovered near the Dream Valley Resort in Bakaram village four days ago. The victim has been identified as Tahseen (22), a young Muslim woman from Mallepally.

Local residents stumbled upon the horrifying scene and promptly alerted the police. However, the circumstances surrounding Tahseen’s death have taken an unexpected turn, raising questions about the initial assumptions of foul play. The police, after delving into the investigation, now lean towards the possibility that Tahseen might have taken her own life.

Tahseen, a recent graduate in search of employment, was known for occasionally leaving home after disputes and returning within a day or two. This time, however, the unexpected tragedy occurred. As the police delved deeper into the case, Tahseen’s family filed a missing person report, adding a new layer of complexity to the investigation.

Authorities have seized the cell phone found at the crime scene and are scrutinizing it for crucial information. Additionally, CCTV footage from the area is under examination. Notably, the auto-rickshaw driver who transported Tahseen to the location has been apprehended, and efforts are underway to recover call records from her phone to establish possible connections.

While the family’s missing person report indicates suspicions of foul play, the police are inclined to consider the possibility of suicide based on the evidence collected thus far. However, an official announcement is yet to be made.

In a concerning development, it has been reported that the Habibnagar police may have acted negligently in this case. Tahseen left her residence in Mallepally on the 8th of this month, and her brother lodged a missing person complaint on the 10th. Surprisingly, the Habibnagar police have yet to register a case, prompting the Commissioner of Police to intervene. The Commissioner has expressed dissatisfaction with the handling of the matter and is reportedly contemplating disciplinary action against the negligent officers. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are awaited to shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Tahseen’s untimely death.

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K. Kavitha of Bharat Rashtra Samithi Welcomes Ayodhya’s Ram Temple, Fuels Speculation of Political Realignment

BRS leader K. Kavitha hails Ayodhya Ram Temple as a dream fulfilled. Amid power loss to Congress in Telangana, party’s alignment with BJP speculated.



K. Kavitha of Bharat Rashtra Samithi Welcomes Ayodhya's Ram Temple, Fuels Speculation of Political Realignment
BRS leader K Kavitha (File photo:newindianexpress)

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader K. Kavitha expressed joy over the realization of a longstanding dream for millions of Hindus—the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. In a Telugu post on X, she highlighted the auspicious moment when the idol of Sri Seetharama Chandra Swamy would be installed in Ayodhya on January 22, underscoring the significance of the event for Hindus across the country, including Telangana.

Kavitha, the daughter of BRS President and former Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, shared a video showcasing the ongoing construction of the grand temple. This statement marks a notable shift in the party’s stance, particularly following the recent loss of power to the Congress in Telangana.

Political observers interpret this change as a potential indication that BRS might align itself with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), drawing parallels with the JD(S) that joined the NDA a few months after facing defeat in the Karnataka Assembly elections alongside the BJP.

In the context of this development, BJP supporters recalled previous statements by BRS leaders, including KCR, K.T. Rama Rao, and Kavitha, on the Ayodhya issue. Some took to social media to share video clips of past speeches, underlining the evolving dynamics within the party.

During election campaigns, KCR had previously raised questions about the Babri Masjid demolition. At an election rally in the Nizamabad Urban constituency, he pointedly asked about the culprits behind the demolition and criticized the Congress for allegedly exploiting Muslim sentiments for electoral gains. The BRS chief emphasized the importance of consistent secularism and questioned the sincerity of political gestures claiming to counter hatred.

Having governed Telangana for two consecutive terms, BRS ceded power to the Congress in the recent elections, where the Congress secured 64 seats out of the 119-member Assembly. BRS secured the second position with 39 seats, while the BJP won eight seats.

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Anumala Revanth Reddy Sworn In as Telangana’s Chief Minister Amidst Grand Celebration

Anumala Revanth Reddy sworn in as Telangana’s 2nd Chief Minister; vows to address key issues; cabinet members take oath.



Anumala Revanth Reddy Sworn In as Telangana's Chief Minister Amidst Grand Celebration
Revanth Reddy (Photo:-X/@revanth_anumula)

Anumala Revanth Reddy was inaugurated as the second Chief Minister of Telangana in a public ceremony held at LB Stadium in Hyderabad on Thursday. This historic event marked the first time a Congress leader assumed the role of Chief Minister. In front of a vast audience, including Congress activists, Reddy took the oath of office in the presence of distinguished leaders such as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge, and others.

Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan administered the oath of office and secrecy to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, emphasizing the solemnity of the occasion. The LB Stadium and surrounding roads were filled with enthusiastic Congress supporters and followers of Reddy, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

In addition to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, 11 members of his cabinet also took the oath of office, including Bhatti Vikramarka Mallu as Deputy Chief Minister. The majority of ministers took their oaths in the name of God, while Anasuya Seethakka took hers in the name of “Pavitra Hrudayam” (sacred heart). The Ministers expressed gratitude to Sonia Gandhi, with touching moments such as hugs and gestures of respect.

The Chief Minister wasted no time in addressing key issues, signing files related to the new Abhaya Hastham Act, the implementation of Congress’s six guarantees outlined in the manifesto, and providing employment to Rajani, a dwarf woman. In his brief speech, Revanth Reddy announced the removal of barricades at Pragathi Bhavan, the former Chief Minister’s official residence. He invited the public to a Praja Darbar on Friday at 10:30 AM at Pragathi Bhavan, which will be renamed after Jyotirao Phule.

Speaker Prasad Kumar, known as Gaddam Prasad, is set to be sworn in as the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly. Notably, traffic restrictions near Pragathi Bhavan have been lifted, in line with Revanth Reddy’s commitment to use the official residence for public purposes. For the time being, the Chief Minister will operate from his residence in Jubilee Hills.

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