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“Parashuram Theme Park in Karkala Unveiled by CM Bommai”

Bommai announced that a master plan will be developed to promote culture and temple tourism in coastal Karnataka.



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Basavaraj Bommai Chief Minister of karnataka

Mangaluru: On Friday evening, the Parashuram theme park was officially opened by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai in Bailur, located in Udupi district of Karnataka. The park, situated on top of Umikal hill, features a towering 33-foot bronze statue of Lord Parashuram as its centerpiece. The park offers a variety of attractions for visitors, including a bhajan mandir, museum, open-air amphitheater, audio-visual gallery, and a restaurant. The park also has several drawings depicting the life of Lord Parashuram, providing visitors with a glimpse into the history and mythology of the region.

During the inauguration, Chief Minister Bommai announced that a master plan will be developed to promote culture and temple tourism in coastal Karnataka. He acknowledged the vast potential of the coastal region for attracting tourists, and stated that the government is working on several schemes to boost tourism in the area. Additionally, he emphasized the government’s commitment to overall development in the region through the development of ports and roads. The government is not looking to offer promises on packages but is instead trying to improve the lives of the people.

Several dignitaries attended the inauguration, including State Minister for Kannada and Culture V Sunil Kumar, Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Shobha Karandlaje, Fisheries Minister S Angara, MLAs Lalji Mendon, and Raghupati Bhat, and noted actor Rishabh Shetty.

The location of the park, Umikal hill in Bailur, is easily accessible from the National Highway between Udupi and Karkala. Even before the official opening, the park had begun to attract thousands of visitors from across the country, eager to see the statue of Lord Parashuram and explore the other offerings of the theme park.

The park is also said to be historic as Lord Parashuram is said to be the creator of Tulunadu, he was brave and strong and received the blessings of Lord Shiva, the Chief Minister said. He is considered a powerful and revered figure in Hindu mythology, and the statue is expected to be a major draw for both devotees and tourists.

The park offers a unique combination of culture, history and religion, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. The bhajan mandir, audio-visual gallery, and open-air amphitheater provide visitors with a chance to indulge in the local culture and experience a slice of coastal Karnataka’s history and mythology. The restaurant offers visitors a chance to sample local delicacies, providing a perfect ending to a day of exploration and learning.

The park is a perfect destination for those looking to explore the rich culture and history of coastal Karnataka. It is also an ideal spot for families looking for a day out, and for devotees looking for a spiritual experience. The park is open to visitors throughout the year, and with its prime location, it is expected to attract thousands of tourists in the coming months and years.

In conclusion, the inauguration of Parashuram theme park is a major step in the development of tourism in coastal Karnataka. The park offers a unique blend of culture, history, and religion, and is expected to be a major draw for visitors from across the country. The government’s commitment to promoting culture and temple tourism in the region is evident, and the park is a testament to that commitment. It is a perfect destination for visitors looking to explore the rich culture and history of coastal Karnataka.


Zika Virus Detected in Mosquitoes in Karnataka’s Chikkaballapura District

Zika virus detected in Chikkaballapura mosquitoes; human cases still absent. Precautionary measures underway.



Zika Virus Detected in Mosquitoes in Karnataka's Chikkaballapura District
(Photo |

Health officials in Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka have reported the detection of Zika virus in a species of mosquito known as Aedes aegypti. Following this discovery, blood samples from individuals experiencing high fever have been sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) for examination. The virus was found in mosquito samples collected from six waterbodies in Chikkaballapura, with the samples sent for analysis towards the end of August.

Upon confirming the presence of the Zika virus in mosquito samples from Talakayalabetta in the district, authorities issued an alert within a five-kilometer radius of the affected area as a precautionary measure to prevent further breeding of the virus-carrying mosquitoes. It is important to note that, as of now, the virus has only been detected in mosquito samples from the Talakayalabetta waterbody, with no human cases reported.

Karnataka Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao reassured the public, stating that no individuals have tested positive for Zika virus and that the virus was found in a mosquito pool. He emphasized that the report had been available for the past ten days and urged people not to be alarmed, as the health department was closely monitoring the situation.

Rao explained that some individuals had displayed symptoms such as fever and rashes, leading them to be hospitalized and tested. However, some of them have already been discharged, and the situation is under control. He stressed the importance of vigilance, particularly among pregnant women who might be at risk, although no such cases have been reported thus far.

State Health Commissioner D. Randeep confirmed that Zika virus had been identified in mosquito samples but not in humans. He noted that samples from three patients with fever were sent for testing to the National Institute of Virology, and these patients were in stable condition.

Dr. Mahesh Kumar, the District Health Officer of Chikkaballapura, explained that mosquito samples were collected from six sites in August, and the reports were received on October 25. While samples from five sites tested negative for Zika virus, those from the Thalakayalabetta waterbody in Shidlaghatta taluk tested positive. In response, a five-kilometer radius alert was issued, and comprehensive preventive measures were implemented.

Blood samples from 33 patients, including 29 antenatal cases and four patients with high fever, have been sent to the NIV as a precaution. The results are expected within the next 10 days, with all the patients in question reported to be in good health. Mosquito breeding control measures have been enacted, public health awareness campaigns are ongoing, and sanitation practices around households are being promoted. Additionally, mosquito fogging is taking place in the vicinity where the Zika virus was detected, and authorities are cooperating with the revenue department to prevent further virus spread.

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Bengaluru’s Roaming Leopard Fatally Shot During Capture Attempt

Bengaluru’s wandering leopard, which injured officials during capture, sadly succumbed to its injuries while undergoing treatment today.



Bengaluru's Roaming Leopard Fatally Shot During Capture Attempt
(Videograbs | Twitter/X )

A leopard that had been roaming the streets of Bengaluru for several days tragically succumbed to its injuries during treatment. After the big cat injured forest officials during a search operation, shots were fired to neutralize it, following permission granted by the Chief Wildlife Warden. Subsequently, the injured leopard was transported to a veterinary hospital where it eventually succumbed to its wounds.

“The leopard attacked Dr. Kiran and another officer, causing them severe injuries. As a result, the Chief Wildlife Warden authorized the use of lethal force to subdue the wild cat,” stated Lingraja, the Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) for the Bangalore Circle.

The leopard was eventually captured following an extensive search operation in the Kudlu Gate area of Bengaluru. Its initial sighting occurred on a Saturday night in the Singasandra area near Electronic City in Bengaluru, where CCTV footage showed the leopard being chased by two stray dogs.

Promptly responding to the video, forest officials and police teams were dispatched to the area. The forest department had also set up four cages to facilitate the leopard’s capture.

On October 29, the leopard was spotted entering an apartment in Kudlu, according to news agency PTI.

The Singasandra area, where the leopard was first sighted, is in close proximity to Bengaluru’s Bannerghatta National Park.

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BJP Demands Disqualification of Karnataka Minister in Fake Document Scandal

BJP Karnataka urges CBI or NIA probe to safeguard national security following arrests, files complaint with Election Commission of India.



(File Photo | Hindustantimes)

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called for the removal of Karnataka‘s Urban Development Minister and Hebbal MLA, Suresha B S, also known as Byrathi Suresh, from the state assembly. This demand follows the apprehension of his alleged associates for their involvement in forging Aadhaar, voter ID, PAN cards, and driver’s licenses.

In a formal complaint submitted to the Election Commission of India, the BJP’s Karnataka unit has urged for a thorough investigation by either the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The party asserts that the actions of the three individuals arrested by the police pose a significant threat to national security.

A delegation led by S Suresh Kumar, BJP MLA representing Rajaji Nagar and a former minister, presented their complaint at the Chief Electoral Officer’s office. The complaint details that an FIR has been registered against Mounesh Kumar, Bhagat, and Raghavendra. These individuals were allegedly involved in the production of counterfeit Aadhaar Cards, Voter IDs, driving licenses, PAN Cards, and other documents at their business establishment, MSL Techno Solutions in RT Nagar.

The BJP leadership emphasized that the production of fake Aadhaar cards is a grave offense with implications for national security. It allows illegal immigrants and non-residents to fraudulently acquire citizenship, placing a substantial burden on government resources, as social welfare programs meant for native, impoverished citizens are wrongly allocated to these immigrants.

The BJP accused local politicians, including the MLA from the Congress party representing the Hebbal constituency, of being involved in this extensive fraud. They asserted that such politicians provide political protection to illegal immigrants by exploiting the Aadhaar scheme, potentially for the purpose of creating voter blocks among minority communities.

The BJP insisted that individuals who offer political protection to illegal immigrants should be regarded as threats to national security. The party contended that in their quest for power, these individuals are manipulating the Aadhaar system to build support among minority groups.

The party has called for immediate legal action, including the filing of a criminal breach of trust case against the MLA and his associates. Given the significance of this issue in terms of national sovereignty and security, the BJP has recommended that the case be handed over to the NIA or CBI to ensure that the culprits are held accountable.

The BJP has demanded a thorough investigation into this incident, treating it as a crime against the sovereignty, integrity, and security of India. They argue that all those involved, including the MLA who has breached the trust of his office, must face legal consequences.

In light of the circumstances outlined above, the BJP has formally requested that the authorities initiate an appropriate investigation by CBI or other central agencies and take legal action against the accused and their close associates connected to Sri Byrathi Suresh (MLA Hebbal). Additionally, the party has called for Byrathi Suresh’s disqualification from the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

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