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India will be growth engine of the world: PM Modi at BRICS Forum

PM Modi highlights India’s growth potential, economic reforms, and technological advancements at BRICS Business Forum in South Africa.



India will be growth engine of the world: PM Modi at BRICS Forum

Johannesburg, South Africa: In a compelling address at the BRICS Business Forum in South Africa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized India’s significant economic reforms and technological advancements, predicting India’s emergence as the global growth engine in the years to come.

PM Modi articulated India’s ambition to transform into a developed nation by 2047, underlining the unwavering determination of the Indian populace.

During his speech, he extended warm congratulations to the BRICS Business Council on its milestone tenth anniversary, acknowledging its pivotal role in fostering economic cooperation among BRICS nations.

Reflecting on the historical context of BRICS, PM Modi remarked, “The inaugural BRICS summit in 2009 emerged as a beacon of hope for the global economy, as the world recovered from a severe financial crisis.”

“In today’s context, with the ongoing economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and global tensions, the role of BRICS countries remains crucial,” he added.

Highlighting India’s remarkable economic growth, PM Modi declared, “Despite global economic upheaval, India stands as the world’s fastest-growing major economy. We are poised to become a five-trillion-dollar economy very soon. It is undeniable that India will be the driving force behind global growth in the near future. Our ability to convert crises into opportunities has been instrumental in this progress.”

PM Modi attributed these achievements to comprehensive reforms, streamlined business operations, reduced bureaucracy, and improved investor confidence through initiatives like the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and insolvency reforms.

He also lauded India’s strides in digital transformation, citing the successful implementation of direct benefit transfers, which have enhanced transparency, reduced corruption, and streamlined service delivery. India’s cost-effective data services and the widespread adoption of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) were noted as remarkable achievements.

PM Modi underscored the transformative impact of extensive infrastructure investment in India, with a budget allocation of approximately USD 120 billion. These investments, he stated, are laying the foundation for a new India, marked by significant advancements in railways, waterways, infrastructure, and aviation.

India’s rapid expansion in highways, doubling of airport numbers in nine years, and the implementation of the Production Linked Incentives scheme to bolster investment and production were highlighted.

Additionally, PM Modi emphasized India’s competitiveness in manufacturing, especially in renewable energy sectors such as solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, green hydrogen, and green ammonia, projecting a burgeoning market for renewable technologies.

PM Modi proudly noted India’s thriving startup ecosystem, boasting over a hundred unicorns and positioning India as a global player in IT, telecom, FinTech, AI, and semiconductors.

Addressing gender inclusivity, PM Modi praised the substantial contribution of women across sectors, from IT to space, banking, and healthcare, in driving India’s economic development.

He extended an invitation to all nations to join India’s developmental journey, advocating the vision of “Make in India, Make for the World.”

While Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, joined PM Modi at the event, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s notable absence was observed. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attended the event.

Following the Business Forum, PM Modi participated in the BRICS Leaders Retreat at Summer Place in Johannesburg, joined by the leaders of Brazil, China, and Russia. They deliberated on global developments and explored ways to harness the BRICS platform to address global challenges.

PM Modi’s visit to South Africa marks the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and South Africa and is his third visit to the country. The 15th BRICS Summit, held under South Africa’s presidency, carries the theme “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development, and inclusive multilateralism.”


Tamil Nadu to Host 1,000 Daily Fever Camps, Intensifies Mosquito Control

The Tamil Nadu health department has compiled lists for villages and cities, instructing districts to implement disease-prevention measures accordingly.



Tamil Nadu to Host 1,000 Daily Fever Camps, Intensifies Mosquito Control
(Representational Image)

In response to the growing threat of mosquito-borne diseases, the government of Tamil Nadu has taken decisive measures to safeguard public health. Starting this Sunday, the state will establish 1,000 fever clinics daily to address this pressing concern.

To combat the mosquito menace, the government is intensifying its mosquito control initiatives. These efforts include increased fogging operations, the recruitment of additional workers for mosquito control tasks, and a heightened focus on eliminating mosquito breeding grounds.

In addition to these actions, the Tamil Nadu government is launching comprehensive awareness campaigns aimed at educating the public about the risks associated with mosquito-borne diseases.

According to reports in The Hindu, the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in Tamil Nadu has issued guidelines specifying that fever clinics should be established in areas with either three or more cases of fever with cough or confirmed positive cases of diseases such as dengue, leptospirosis, scrub typhus, and seasonal flu. Furthermore, the government has initiated door-to-door campaigns to identify and isolate such cases.

The Tamil Nadu health department has undertaken meticulous planning, compiling lists of affected villages and cities to facilitate targeted disease prevention efforts. Officials have affirmed their dedication to eradicating mosquitoes, raising awareness, identifying fever cases, and promptly implementing preventive measures where needed.

Health Minister Ma Subramanian disclosed that over 23,000 temporary workers have been enlisted across the state to support mosquito control operations. Moreover, government hospitals have been directed to maintain ample supplies of life-saving drugs, blood test kits, blood components, and the necessary blood reserves for treating various diseases.

The government’s current focus revolves around combating diseases like dengue, diarrhea, typhoid, and fever. In the state capital of Chennai, Minister Subramanian revealed that a formidable workforce comprising 318 medical officers, 635 nurses, 954 permanent mosquito control workers, and 2,324 contract workers is diligently working to contain these diseases and curtail the spread of mosquitoes.

The minister also detailed the impressive inventory of equipment available in Chennai, including 424 sprayers, 120 power sprayers, 300 battery-operated sprayers, 324 hand fumigation machines, one small fumigation machine, and 68 vehicle-mounted fumigation machines, all geared towards combatting the mosquito population. These comprehensive efforts reflect the Tamil Nadu government’s commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of its citizens in the face of mosquito-borne diseases.

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Jaipur Communal Tensions Following Biker’s Tragic Death

Biker fatally beaten in confrontation after motorcycle accident, succumbing to injuries.



Jaipur Communal Tensions Following Biker's Tragic Death
Photo: S Grab | X-Twitter:@thefirstindia

Jaipur, Rajasthan: Communal tensions flared up in the Ramganj area and its vicinity in Jaipur, Rajasthan on Saturday, stemming from a tragic incident involving a motorcycle collision that led to a man’s demise.

According to the police, the unfortunate incident occurred at the Subhash Chowk locality in Jaipur. It was reported that after a collision between two motorcycles, a group of men allegedly assaulted one of the riders, resulting in his untimely death.

Late on Friday night, the collision transpired within the Subhash Chowk area, whereupon a group of men accompanying one of the motorcycle riders reportedly subjected the other rider, identified as Iqbal, to a brutal assault. Iqbal sustained severe injuries and was promptly rushed to the SMS Hospital. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment.

In the aftermath of this distressing incident, numerous shops in the predominantly Muslim-populated areas have been shuttered. Family members of the deceased, along with local residents, have congregated and are now demanding justice and punitive action against those responsible for the attack, as reported by PTI.

To quell the escalating tensions, additional police forces have been deployed in the region, and concerted efforts are underway to defuse the volatile situation, according to statements from the police to PTI.

A purported video of the incident has surfaced on social media platforms, although its authenticity cannot be independently verified at this time.

In a significant development, six individuals have been apprehended in connection with the case. Additionally, authorities have announced compensatory measures for the family of the deceased, as reported by India Today. The publication quoted the Jaipur Administration as stating, “A compensation of Rs 50 lakh, along with employment opportunities and a dairy booth, has been announced for Iqbal’s family. According to police sources, six individuals have been detained in connection with the case.”

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Father of Ujjain Rape Suspect Calls for Son’s Execution

People who didn’t aid the raped, injured, and naked 12-year-old girl may face child sex abuse law charges, A senior officer of the state police said.



Father of Ujjain Rape Suspect Calls for Son's Execution
Photo: X(twitter)

Ujjain: The father of the man arrested in connection with the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl in Ujjain on Friday has called for his son to receive the death penalty. Meanwhile, the local bar association has appealed to lawyers not to defend the accused in court. The victim, a 12-year-old girl, was discovered walking on the city streets in a wounded condition, desperately seeking assistance from passersby who unfortunately turned her away.

The injured girl is currently receiving treatment at the Government Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar Women’s Hospital in Indore, where she underwent a major surgical procedure on Wednesday. A senior state police official has indicated that individuals who failed to assist the young girl when she went from door to door seeking help after the assault, which left her naked and bleeding, could potentially face charges under child sexual abuse laws. Such individuals may be charged under the POCSO Act for failing to report or register the commission of a crime, according to an NDTV report.

Bharat Soni, an auto-rickshaw driver, was taken into custody in connection with the case on Thursday. His father expressed his deep shame over the incident, stating, “It is a disgraceful act. I have not visited the hospital to see him, nor will I go to the police station or court. My son has committed a crime, and he should face the ultimate punishment, which is hanging,” as he conveyed his sentiments to reporters. It should be noted that Soni sustained injuries while allegedly attempting to flee during the investigation, according to the police’s statement on Thursday.

The Congress party has criticized the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh, where assembly elections are scheduled by year-end. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate alleged that the state’s law-and-order situation had significantly deteriorated under the leadership of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

“In Madhya Pradesh, being a Dalit, tribal, or woman has seemingly become a crime. The state ranks highest in cases of minor rape. During Chouhan’s 18-year tenure, there have been 58,000 reported rape cases and 68,000 reported kidnapping cases. Yet, the country’s prime minister, home minister, and all BJP leaders remain conspicuously silent,” Shrinate conveyed to reporters in Delhi.

The distressing incident, captured by a CCTV camera, depicts the 12-year-old girl, partially undressed and bleeding following the assault, desperately seeking assistance from neighbors who callously refused her aid. Furthermore, in a shocking display of heartlessness, one individual can be seen shooing her away as she approaches him for help.

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